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Ghannam Clinic was established in 1997 with main guide of helping patients and community to achieve better health and guide them through the sick time.
a Panel Clinic for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for Australia and New Zealand (DIBP) and the only accredited clinic in doing medical examination for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Why do I have to come twice for the medical exam?

You will be doing the laboratory tests (blood and urine test), chest x-ray and filling of the forms on the initial visit and the second visit is for the physical examination with the panel physician.

If I have my menstruation or post-delivery bleeding, can I still proceed with the medical exam?

Yes, but you have to submit a urine sample at least 2-3 days after cessation of the bleeding so we will have an accurate result

Do I have to pay again if I will be required to do additional tests due to abnormal results or according to the immigration offices guidelines?


Can I have copies of my test results?

Yes, we can email to you your laboratory test results once requested during the initial visit and you may take a copy of your chest x-ray report in the Radiology Department.

Are you an e-Medical enabled panel clinic?


When can Upfront clients receive the Information Sheet with the UMI Barcode?

We will send it through email within 48 hours/ 2 working days after the physical exam is completed and results uploaded in the system

I learned that I am not required to do the medical examination and I already did everything or part of the medical exam, can I request for a refund?

No money/fee refund after the service is provided

During my initial appointment, do I have to be fasting?




Over 20 years of experience doing medical examination for immigration and visa purposes.



With more than 25 years of experience in General Medicine, Endocrinology, local and international speaker



With over a thousand of happy clients yearly

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