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What to bring
  • ORIGINAL passport or national ID, Iqama
  • Three (3) photocopies of the passport (biodata page) or national ID, Iqama
  • Four (4) recent photographs
  • Medical Examination referral letter from the immigration office (CANADA); Not applicable for UPFRONT APPLICANTS
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses, if worn
  • Any medical reports or test results that you may have as a result of previous or existing medical condition
  • Any medications you are taking

1st Appointment

  • Make sure to gather all the requirements mentioned
  • You will be requested to provide a urine sample, so it is recommended that you drink a lot of water (at least 3-4 glasses) before coming. For ladies who are having periods or post-delivery bleeding, it is advisable to submit urine sample at least 2-3 days after cessation of the bleeding.
  • Bring any prescribed medications that you’re taking (if applicable)
  • All the tests should be done at the clinic according to immigration policy
  • All administrative and paper issues related to application questions have to be addressed to the nurse
  • For Upfront applicants, information sheet will be provided to you through email 2 working days after the Physical Examination. You have to submit it with your other documents to visa office/ scan it if you are doing online application.

2nd Appointment

  • You must come on time for your physical examination appointment date
  • You will be asked by the doctor for your medical history
  • You will be requested to take off your clothes, wear a clinic gown and will be examined in full on the examination bed by the physician
  • Payment in CASH only (Debit/Credit Cards NOT accepted)


  1. Remove all your clothes including shirts, undershirts, long pants for ladies as well remove your bra
  2. Only thing to keep is the underwear
  3. Wear the gown provided to you on the bed, keep the opening on the back, don’t tie it.
  4. Remove your socks and shoes
  5. Hang all your things on the hangers beside the bed
  6. Then you are ready for physical exam of your body (head, neck, chest, heart, abdomen, lower limbs, back)

After 1st and 2nd Appointment

  • You will be informed by us if there’s abnormality with the results. If none, we will be submitting your medical results directly to the appropriate department via eMedical system in a few days.
  • To find out the date of submission of your medical exam, you can email your request to us including the┬ábarcode number (unique for each applicant)
  • Upfront clients will be provided an information sheet automatically through email 2 working days after the 2nd appointment.
Immigration Visa Medical Exam

Ghannam Clinic fees and charges

4 Years Old & Below


Visa Type: Immigration, Student, Visit, Family and Worker
  • PE400 SAR

5 to 10 Years Old


Visa Type: Immigration, Student, Visit, Family and Worker
  • PE400 SAR
  • U/A70 SAR

11 to 14 Years Old


Visa Type: Immigration, Student, Visit, Family and Worker
  • PE450 SAR
  • U/A70 SAR
  • CXR250 SAR

15 Years Old and Above


Visa Type: Immigration, Student, Visit, Family and Worker
  • PE450 SAR
  • CXR250 SAR
  • Lab Test430 SAR
  • (Syphilis, HIV I & II, U/A)

Extra Charge


client with medical problem

*VAT exclusive. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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